Karen Krizanovich
  • Karen Krizanovich is a writer, radio and TV broadcaster, American voiceover artist and presenter based in the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Accents: American
  • Languages: English
  • Vocal Styles: Caring, Forties, Husky, Sexy, Sincere, Smooth, Thirties, Warm
  • profile:

    Her written work has been published in a huge list of publications and has appeared on over 75 different TV shows, including CNN and Newsnight, with live outside broadcasts from the Cannes Film Festival; an incomplete list of her broadcast work is online at IMDb. Karen is the presenter/researcher for Whistledown Production/BBC Radio 4‘s groundbreaking ‘Sylvia of Hollywood’, an original radio documentary about Hollywood’s forgotten yet greatest fitness/beauty expert. In late 2011, Karen also presented a look at Helen Gurley Brown’s milestone book Sex & The Single Girl for BBC Radio 4 along with an accompanying article on the BBC News main website and an appearance on BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour.

    With a BA and MA in Philosophy of Mind and an MBA in Film Finance, Karen is a script editor, active in development and professional script reporting. She also writes about film, film business, film news and breaking trends – on the page, online and across all broadcast media. She reviews films for Radio Times, Monocle International Radio, Virgin Media, Yahoo and on TV for BBC News Channel’s ‘Film 24′. (Her written reviews, including previous work for Empire and the short-lived FilmStar, are aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes.)

    Karen is a member of the exclusive London Film Critics’ Circle, Alliance of Women Film Journalists and is a jury associate for the international film critics’ association FIPRESCI.

    A popular host for Q&A sessions and film-related talks, Karen appeared most recently for the London Screenwriters’ Festival, the London Comedy Writers’ Festival, the NFT/BFI, First Light’s Fever Pitch/London Film Festival, the Barbican Cinema and for the Curzon Cinema.

    Making her mark in the 90s as Dear Karen, the sarcastic Agony Aunt of Sky Magazine’s must-read comedic advice page, Karen remains a relationship commentator for the media. She is also the author of the comedic life manual Bad Advice.

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