Mairead Curran
  • Great Female Aussie VO!

  • Accents: Australian
  • Vocal Styles: Cool, Forties, Friendly, Smooth, Thirties, Twenties, Upbeat
  • profile:

    Mairead’s extensive experience as an actor, puppeteer and children’s entertainer has certainly given her a great variety of voices to choose from!

    For almost twenty years she has been perfecting her skills as a voice over artist and is known for being a reliable, pleasant and versatile performer.

    Mairead’s natural enthusiasm and genuine love of shopping means she can nail hard sell reads in record time and her sincerity and warmth bring a new depth to natural reads.

    She’s had a lot thrown at her including television, radio, documentaries, messages on hold, animation, corporate, book narration, public speaking and her personal favourite, sexy dating ads whilst heavily pregnant with her second child.

    To each job she brings a deep desire to get the job done as efficiently and well as possible and a great passion for what she does.

    And the million dollar question…’s pronounced ‘marade’ as in ‘parade’.

  • audio

    Mairead Curran – Corperate


    Mairead Curran – Hard Sell


    Mairead Curran – Promo


    Mairead Curran – Warm Reads

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